EcoQube Air – Decorative Hydroponics Indoor Herb Home Garden Kit with LED Grow Light, Basil Seeds an – Reviews & Compare Deals

EcoQube Air – Decorative Hydroponics Indoor Herb Home Garden Kit with LED Grow Light, Basil Seeds an – Reviews & Compare Deals
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Enter your model number to make sure this fits.; NO MORE DEAD PLANTS - The EcoQube Air is the best solution for an indoor gardening kit providing the perfect environment to grow in any season in your home. Comes with basil seeds. Plant medium pods allow for up to 12 plants or herbs.; BEAUTIFUL DECOR - The EcoQube Air’s modern look is the perfect decorative addition to any office or home, with far less hassle than regular indoor potted plants and more beautiful than a succulent.; IMPROVE YOUR QUALITY OF LIFE - The dual fan air filter circulates 450 cubic feet of purified air every hour, while the customizable LED grow lights also provide smart light therapy to help with insomnia & sleeping patterns. The True Hepa-Type filter guards against germs and works like a miracle. Perfect for people who use humidifiers, air purifiers, and difusers; GROW WITHOUT SUNLIGHT - The full-spectrum LED gro light is programmed to give your plants the exact amount of light it needs to grow, which makes it the perfect option for year round growing. Use our phone app to pre-program specific light schedules, change colors, adjust weather functions, or control your light from across the room; 1 YEAR WARRANTY AND KID FRIENDLY - We back our product with an iron clad satisfaction guarantee where if anything breaks in the first year, contact us and we will replace the part. Made of premium plexiglass acrylic material which is visually clearer than real glass WITHOUT the danger of broken glass + it is MESS FREE, as EcoQube Air is a soil-less hydroponics greenhouse

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So this will be my second EcoQube Air, and third EcoQube (I also have an EcoQube C aquarium). Honestly I’m glad I’ve been following these guys on Kickstarter because each new ‘qube is cooler than the last. I got my first Air on Kickstarter and knew I needed one for my office cubicle. Trying to make it less cubicle-y and add some nature into my workspace you know?At first I thought my EcoQube had arrived broken when I first put the top clear greenhouse on top of the growing tray because it didn’t light up.. I picked the lid up slightly and put back on which adjusted it a little (see video) and it started working perfectly. I think the silicon cover is partially why it didn’t connect the first time but also protects the mechanical parts from short circuiting with accidental water spillage. Makes sense 100% so that’s not an issue. I hope this helps everyone who thinks their lights aren’t working ! Just lift it up maybe half an inch so they turn on :)Here’s what was included in the box:• EcoQube Air + setup instructions for the Air• Instructions to setup/use FREE phone app (arguably the best feature imo) * Make sure you turn your bluetooth & wifi setting on because it was easy enough for me to forget this step lol. My ecoqube said “ecoqube” above a sort of code or whatever.• x2 “HEPA-type” air filterThey come with plant mediums to grow your own seeds or plants in but I’m pretty keen on my kokedama plant. This bad boy looks really cool and also helps filter my air along with the already built in air filter/fans that run.• x2 plant mediumsGrey spongey cube like things that you can use to grow your own plants.I’m too impatient to wait for seeds that may or may not sprout, since that’s how gardening works no matter what you’re growing in… You can always splice plants in too, like they show on the insert. Looks pretty easy I might try it out.But I loved the kokedama I have in my first Air so I ordered another one. I’m using the schefflera kokedama in this picture, also known as “the smoker’s plant” because of it’s air purifying qualities.Here’s the store I used:• clay pebbles -- hydroponics = no soil.The clay replaces soil and you place the growing sponges on top of these pebbles. This is a soil-less greenhouse so you can’t just put any plant in here because it’s using hydroponics and that will ruin the system! I bought a cheap liquid fertilizer on amazon too.Here’s what I’ve gathered so far with pros & consPros:• Looks super sleek. This looks pretty cool in the pictures online but once you unbox it and put a kokedama in (or whatever you’re growing) just… WOW. So many compliments when we have guests over. I can’t wait to put another one in my office.• Waters itself (just fill water 1-2x a month depending on how much you use the pump) -- which is AMAZING considering I always kill my plants. Totally gets rid of the problem of over/under-watering as well.• Really easy setup for a tech product. It’s not rocket science, but still should actually read the instructions! Basically just plug things in, put pebbles and plant mediums or kokedama in, add water, and download the app. The app is necessary because it’s how you control a lot of the settings. Make sure to update the app and click resume schedule if you take the clear greenhouse top off.+ There are also a TON of setup videos on their website. These helped me a lot and were a great resource.• Customer service has been SO fast and helpful. The support team is great and answered all my questions.• PHONE APP! This is my favorite part. You control the water, fans/air filter, and lighting with this. I even set mine as an alarm for when I have to wake up, it uses the “lightning” feature. Not sure if this will work as an alarm clock for you deep sleepers but it does the trick for me.Cons:• I want a bigger one haha• You can’t just plant seeds and expect them to grow. Which is obvious if you’ve ever done gardening with hydroponics or soil. Make sure you GOOGLE what you’re growing so you can schedule it’s watering and lighting cycle properly.• Took me a bit to figure out the phone app but once I played around with it it’s actually pretty simple for all of the things it does• Had to adjust a little to get lights to work. This doesn’t happen with my other Air so it might just be a super rare thing. It’s not a deal breaker by any means though, I guess this just means the silicon cover is doing it’s job too well haha
ByAmazon Customer - August 15, 2017
A friend bought this for me as a gift for my birthday, and if not for the fact I know she spent a lot of money on it, this would already have found its way to the trash. First, it's supposed to be a starter kit, but they do not include any of their fertilizer that you have to use. You need to buy it separately and direct from them, plus pay for S&H and wait almost 10 days for it to arrive after you have this thing half set up because they don't even mention that you need the fertilizer until 2/3 of the way through the "instructions." So, you get your fertilizer and proceed to set up the contraption. I have tried both packets of basil seeds and even attempted air splicing some other herbs after following their "instructional video." Nothing worked. Yes, I used purified water, and their fertilizer, which only served to stain the clay beads horribly. The only thing this is good at growing is nasty smelling algae. It can put on an impressive light show, and that's about it. I even contacted their customer service for advice, but have yet to get any response. It will most likely get cleaned out, stuffed in a closet and replaced with a potted plant on the counter instead. At least THAT will grow.
Amazon Customer - June 15, 2017
This is one of my favorite desktop pieces. Very easy to use and set up. It's compact and can be put at basically any table I have. It's silent and is a great night lamp. When my friends come over with their cat, the plant is protected. I used to need to put my potted plants in a shut room, everytime before they came. The only problem is that I have trouble figuring out where I want to put this, because it makes every counter/table top look nice! Next time, I'd just buy multiple pieces so I don't have to pay extra shipping and kill the environment.
ByC Fritsche - July 26, 2017
Summary:Does it work? 1/4 works as designed, 2/4 work poorly, 1/4 doesn't work at all.Does it make very fine bubbles? Certainly no.Quality of workmanship: Poor.Note: the product is notably smaller than they appear in the pictures. Measure.I give this 2 stars because they do make bubbles, but they don't really use the fine stone to make the bubbles, so you might ask what the point of the stone is, and that would be a fine question.In the images, if you look carefully, you'll notice that it's producing bubbles, but the bubbles are seeping out from the edge of the stone where the plastic is glued to the stone. This is the case in 3 of the stone, one of which only spouts bubbles at one end because of it. The air that does seem to make it through the stone makes it out through larger fissures/cracks in the stone.I should note that 1 of the 4 is glued well and forces air through the stone as designed.So basically, if you do a crappy enough job on gluing the plastic, but not too crappy, you'll get small enough imperfections to create large bubbles successfully. But the stone is just for looks.
ByDavid Parks - June 16, 2017
air seems to all escape right at the begging of the stone; would of been nice if there was a distribution pipe all the way through it so at least there would be bubble throughout the whole thing.
David Parks - September 22, 2017
They work well. Just make sure to rinse with water before use they had a powder in them not sure what it was
ByE. Lorenzi - June 19, 2017

EcoQube Air - Decorative Hydroponics Indoor Herb Home Garden Kit with LED Grow Light, Basil Seeds and True Hepa-Type Filter Air Purifier

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