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Weekends always make you look forward to fun times with family and friends – except when your yard needs cleaned. Whether you're assigned to tend the backyard or to tidy the lawn, the Premium Polyresin Leaf Rake from EMSCO Group is guaranteed to become your new favorite gardening tool! This rake combines functionality and practical design to provide you with a reliable garden tool that will help you have quicker cleanups. Get the functionality of a traditional wooden rake and the efficiency of a modern plastic garden tool with the EMSCO Group Premium Polyresin Leaf Rake! Made from resin, this premium gardening tool boasts a sturdy structure that effectively resists damage from prolonged exposure to environmental factors. Its lightweight yet heavy-duty structure allows extended periods of use without tiring your hands and arms. This tool has a rake head that measures 32 inches in width. The broad head lets you cover a larger area with each sweep so that you can finish cleaning up in no time! Easily sweep leaves and debris from your lawn. Have quicker cleanups with the EMSCO Polyresin Leaf Rake! Its sturdy structure showcases a 48-inch long handle that is made from hardwood, providing you with a more durable alternative to plastic handles that avoids easy wear or breakage. You can easily store this compact tool anywhere for convenient access whenever needed. Get the EMSCO Group Premium Polyresin Leaf Rake now and make your lawn or garden cleanup a breeze with a tool that's both practical and functional!
Very big rake so there is less yard to do with fall coming around. Very happy with my purchase!!!!
- October 22, 2017
rake small and flimsy...leaf pan is great
- September 24, 2015
The rake is okay but the scoop is woderful. I've looked for years to find one this large.
- December 17, 2014
This really large yard dustpan is well made for its yard and pavement purpose - specifically the lip, where we would expect problems to come up, is integrated - it's not a separate piece that could come apart.Problem for me: when it's loaded with leaves it becomes a weight that's hard for me to balance while dumping... I need to free my other hand to balance it. I'm wondering if this is a personal issue or if it could be addressed by redesign.I'll gift it to the nice man who helps me with my heavy yard work.
ByRoberta Scott - August 20, 2017
Happy with this, though it is bigger and heavier and a little more wobbly than I iomagined. It's not weak, it just bends a lot with a full load, not bad if you use two hands. Just look at the size of the handle compared with the scoop - it's a huge scoop. Works fantastic for leaves
Roberta Scott - September 2, 2016
You think you want this, but it is a case of nothing is to scale on a computer. This thing is so big, it won't fit into any trash can you own. When you go to dump whatever you filled it with, it will not fit any can except for the large square wheeled 68 gallon cans, and then only diagonally. Too much of a good thing.
ByP. Ballard - June 8, 2015
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