Earth Minded Rain Barrel Plastic 45 Gal – Reviews & Compare Deals

Earth Minded Rain Barrel Plastic 45 Gal – Reviews & Compare Deals
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Barrel Color: Charcoal. Capacity: 45 gal. Material: Polyethylene. Diverter Kit Included. Diameter: 23.5 in. Lid Type: Removable Lid. Height: 35.35 in. Spigot Included. All parts and hole saw included for easy installation. Diverter reduces overflows when properly installed. Easy to winterize. Illustrated step?by-step instructions. Barrel and lid have a 10 year UV protection package.

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I read the review and took extra time and precautions with plumbers tape on all the valves. So far I have loved the rain barrels as they were easy to set up and came with all the parts necessary. We originally purchased one and were so happy we bought two more and linked them. Last night we had thunder storms with heavy rain, and we are excited as all three are full!
- June 23, 2015
Great product. We have two .
- August 11, 2016
Summary - EarthMinded warranty is worthless - expect to McGuyver this P.O.S. or get something else.I purchased two of these in June '13. The seals are simply rubber collars that fit into holes cut in the barrel. ¾" threaded inserts then press the rubber against the hole, theoretically sealing it. The problem is that the holes aren't cut very cleanly. One of my two barrels had a funny notch - as though the cutting tool had jerked the barrel when starting the hold. Anyways, it meant that the entire barrel would leak out after ~2 days.The other barrel had better holes, but even then, the pressure of a hose hanging on the spigot or attached to the lower tap typically causes some sort of drip or leak - you end up having to disconnect everything in order to make sure your water doesn't leak out.The problem is that it took me several months to figure this out. Earthworks warranty is only 6 months, and even then, you have to send it to them at your cost for them to do anything.Solution? I tried RTV silicone and then some plumbers putty. Finally I used some Blu-Tack (adhesive putty for hanging posters, etc on walls) This seems to be working for now. You have to really work it around the inside of the barrel, around the rubber seal. Also make sure on the lower tap to make sure the finer threads are going into the rubber seal - the coarser threads are for the hose. Finally if you put some Teflon tape on the threaded portion, it screws more easily into the seal, prevents cross-threading and the slight difference in thickness should also help prevent leaks between the barrel and the rubber seal.That said, the diverter works fairly well (although you do need to periodically make sure it isn't clogged with debris) it's an attractive rain barrel. The leaking is a dealbreaker, however.If you have any questions or comments, or if you found this review helpful, please let me know.
- June 11, 2014
Awesome. Comes with everything you need, hole saws, fittings etc etc. all you need is a barrel and a drill. Took me all of 15 minutes to install
- May 2, 2017
Pay attention to inside info. Web description indicated would accommodate smaller width downspout. When opened, big piece of paper staying ONLY USE WITH 3X4 inch measurements. Should have believed it was not a packaging error. Tried to make it fit my 2x3 but no go. Since I cut it for the attempt, unable to return. Would have worked well for the 3x4. Expensive lesson learned
- September 29, 2017
Easy to install
- October 24, 2017
EDIT: I added a customer image to show the main problem with this device here: Comes with hole saws- Simple design makes for an easy installCons:- Incredibly cheap plastic spigot. I went out and bought a metal quarter turn ball valve for about $8 and fixed this issue.- The insert plugs gutters without gutter guards. We've had a few drenching rainstorms lately where I've noticed mulch from a few beds washed out. During one of them, I walked out to witness our gutter overflowing with water. The next day, I pulled out the insert from the gutter to see that it was plugged solid with 6-12" of pine needles and mini pine cones from nearby white pines. The same day, I noticed that our basement was wet in that spot, so it appears that all of the water overflowing the gutters caused some issues.- The insert causes quite an obstruction in the downspout. During really heavy rains, I've witnessed the top of our rainbarrel overflowing even though the hole was drilled several inches down the barrel. If I had the time, I'd dust off the old fluid dynamics books and see what volume of water it would take to fully fill a 2x3" duct with water, then convert that duct into a ~1.5" circular hole. I'd be willing to bet that it's possible to cause a major backup in the downspout with that big of an obstruction. A backup in the downspout will push more water into the barrel and overflow, or potentially overflow all the way up to the gutters.Water on the foundation is not worth saving a few gallons of rainwater for. I've got two rainbarrels with this system installed. I'm planning on converting the one that gets lots of flow to the fiskars design. It widens the gutter and might allow for greater overflow during heavy rains.
- June 27, 2014
This is doing a great job so far. I've had it installed for a month and no problems. I've seen complaints about the upper valve being made of plastic, but I've also read that the plastic water barrels can have a chemical reaction with brass.I knocked it down a star because I'm really not looking forward to finding the winterizing cap when it comes time. Hope I don't lose it before then. Also not looking forward to potentially mangling my downspout when I have to take it out for winterizing.But it earned a lot of stars because the design makes a separate overflow hose unnecessary. This one design element is what kept me from hitting the Go button a year earlier on other products. Gotta warn you though that measure twice and cut once during install. The overflow only works if you follow the directions precisely, namely that the hose needs to stay level between the barrel and the downspout tap - no drooping.One suggestion for other buyers: there is a tap and cap you put at the bottom for draining or hose hookup. I strongly recommend getting an inline 1/4 turn valve so that you can open it only when you need it. Or, attach a short hose that can go above the waterline and leave it pulled up unless you want to draw water. Make the hose clear and you'll know where the water level is for at least the first year. The water and sun will probably ruin a clear hose after that.I discovered that I use a lot more water than I thought and that my rain barrel is only going to last a week or 10 days. Think about it. Five gallons of watering all your outdoor plants each day. 50 gallon barrel. 10 days conservatively. Before committing to a rain barrel, I recommend using your hose to fill a 5 gallon bucket with water (e.g. Home Depot "small trip" orange bucket) and then see how much of that you use. You might want a second or third barrel.
- April 16, 2017
great rain barrel kit... easy to install in gutter and barrel, comes with all the hole saw drill bits to install it so all you need is drill. my only suggestion would be that when you install the rubber grommet into the lower part of the barrel, install it about 4 to 6 inches from the bottom (or higher if you will be filling a bucket or watering can) because a lot of sand and dirt will come off your roof and will need to settle on the bottom of the barrel so you dont want that coming out with your water... Also, when installing this grommet, you may want to seal it with a good silicone sealer and then use a bit of Teflon tape around the threads of the valve... I didn't think i needed to because of the tight fit and now my barrel is full but water is dripping around the grommet... no big deal though, its a very slow drip. ill drain it and fix the leak before putting it away for the winter. Here is a photo of the completed barrel next to my Vegtrug I also got off Amazon
- May 30, 2017

Earth Minded Rain Barrel Plastic 45 Gal, Earth Minded

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