4 Slotted Clear Orchid Pots – 6 Pack (Yellow Topaz) – Reviews & Compare Deals

4 Slotted Clear Orchid Pots – 6 Pack (Yellow Topaz) – Reviews & Compare Deals
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Designed by rePotme, our genuine 4" round slotted orchid pot comes with side and bottom slots to increase aeration around roots. This exclusive rePotme Slot Pot has 10 side slots, 18 more slots at the bottom, and an additional 18 more slots in the inner core center, which rise up to form the elevated interior base. If your goal is to get a slotted pot with extraordinary drainage and airflow, this is that pot. Some call it a "super-slot pot" because of its unique design and performance. It comes with a substantial reinforced outer rim at the top and is made with UV protection built in for longevity. This is a wonderful pot for maximum drainage and airflow. It is perfect for a variety of plant types, including orchids, African Violets, and Tropicals. With 46 slots around and beneath the pot, you can be sure your plant will enjoy uniform moisture levels throughout the potting mix.
I'm so glad I found you guy's. I love you're site - it's sock full of useful info, videos, products etc... I specifically love the info videos - I'm just getting into Orchids, ( Rescue ) from my sister.I'm looking forward to doing mo business with you fine folks in the future and by the way I really like my recent purchase of 4" pots.
- August 15, 2017
Exactly what I needed! Allows me to upgrade my orchids to a larger pot and gives a lot of air flow and water drainage.
- May 5, 2017
great to slip in the pot to keep those roots from sneaking out the sides, the orchid plants love the air.
- March 19, 2017
I really like that these pots are bundled the way they are. It's nice to have two of each size. The pots are good quality, not flimsy plastic. The bottom is raised up in the center to allow for drainage. Included in the box was information on other products the company offers along with a plant tag that you can write the date that you re-potted your orchid. The company also includes a bloom spike clip. I recommend this company and these products and will look into purchases more orchid products such as growing media from them in the future.
- December 15, 2016
The 4.5" and 5" Orchid Pots were shorter than expected but I made them work. The 3" pots, however are practically useless as the bottom measurement is really 2" in diameter. These types of items are probabaly best seen in person to ensure that they will fit the need.
- October 31, 2015
If I could give this 6 stars I would. These pots are ultra-high quality. I was surprised at the high quality of these pots. Earlier this month, I purchased some pots that were flimsy and I promptly returned. I repotted my fav orchid over the weekend. It is happy in its new home. An orchid provides feedback within 24 hours when it is unhappy. My roots are starting to fill with chlorophill. I'm looking forward to exhibition quality orchids in the fall. I plan to buy these pots exclusively for my orchid collection. Last year I burned the roots a little. Since these pots offer UV protection, this problem should be a thing of the past.
- May 2, 2017
I recently bought a couple orchids and before finding these planters I drove to 3 different nurseries and garden centers without any luck. So glad I found these on Amazon.. and in a 4 pack at an affordable price! Definitely worth waiting a couple more days to repot my new orchids. The clear plastic helps me see the color of the roots easily and the plastic is very flexible, but sturdy! My one concern on these is that the holes on the sides are cut out at angles, so once the roots start to grow through them, you will just have to be careful when repotting so the planter doesn't cause any root damage. Like I said before though, thankfully these are extremely affordable so it won't hurt your wallet to just cut the plant out if necessary! Will definitely be buying more of these once my orchid collection grows!
- June 7, 2017
Too short for tall orchids. Phalaenopsis tips over. They need narrower taller bases. Heavy ceramic outer pots. Violets would be ok.
- October 28, 2017
Very nice pots for orchids. I tend to overwater my plants, but these pots allow me to actually see if the roots and planting medium still look moist. That cuts down on overwatering. My orchids look MUCH happier and healthier as a result. These are great pots, especially if you are an orchid growing novice.
- December 29, 2017

4" Slotted Clear Orchid Pots - 6 Pack (Yellow Topaz), rePotme

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