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[wpsm_tab title=”Description”] Brook & Hunter build unmatched, world class garden tools. They have a unique appearance and capable of standing up to rigorous use. They require very little maintenance, yet are able to last substantially longer than other tools in the market. But most importantly, Brook & Hunter garden tools are treasured by the gardeners who use them. For the handle, they are made of extremely dense wood, a wood that is readily available and recognized by craftsmen as strong and durable. They have material strong enough to be used in flooring and as structural supports in construction. They use great care and patience, always ensuring the natural shape, beauty and strength of the materials. This is a serious tool for very small spaces. Used for both containers and outside gardening. Very useful in container gardening to loosen soil and for weeding. It features a "handcrafted red oak wooden handle of the highest quality along with a highly polished stainless steel head. [/wpsm_tab]
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ok... on mine the welds were just fine, although they did seem a bit generous.two whines:1. the little chain attached to the handle, presumeably to hang this thing up by if I remember correctly the B&H logo tag was attached to it and when I tried to tear the tag off, the chain came with it. no great loss, this doesn't get hung, it goes in the garden bucket...2. the useless little chain is attached to a prominently annoying little metal tab - that unfortunately did not come off. when I accidentally broke the chain. grrrr. "something sharpish" sticking out the side of the handle at the very end. It is gone now, but it required some effort.why not just drill a hole through the handle and attach a loop of cord? cheaper & better. That's what mine has now.could/should easily have been a 5-star. wanted to give it 3-stars for the annoyance, split the difference because "it has great bones".
- December 1, 2010
I'll preface my comments by stating this item will no doubt survive a nuclear holocaust - a claim I am unlikely to make for myself. That being said, the overall quality of this item is a bit shoddy. The spot welds used to attach the tines to the main support rod lack any subtlety, and appear to have been performed by a drug-addled youth.This tool will last, but is doesn't cut the grade compared to the larger tools in this product line, or even the hand trowel and hand fork offered by Brook and Hunter.
- May 31, 2009

Brook & Hunter 14010C Premium Garden Cultivator with Handcrafted Red Oak Handle and Stainless Steel Alloy Polished Head, Brook & Hunter

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