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This attractive urn style rain barrel with planter allows you to grow a plant, while collecting warm, chlorine free rain water, which your other plants will love. The rain barrel is made from durable, u.v. resistant plastic designed to look like an adobe clay urn and contains recycled content. It also includes an easy screw on 3 ft. hose with shut off valve, hanging clip and elbow, which makes watering and set up easy. Conserving water is not only good for the environment, it can also save you on your water bill.
Purchased this item for the front side of my house and was pleased at its appearance from the get-go. It came with the spigot installed, all we had to do was alter our down spout to empty into the barrel. The container is pleasing to look at and really does look like a terra cotta urn. My neighbor thought it was actual terra cotta until I told her otherwise.We rated this items a 3 out of 5 due to two issues. (1) The spigot leaks at the insertion point between the spigot and the barrel. We will need to purchase additional supplies to rectify this problem. (2) The hose that comes with the barrel kinks and prevents good water flow unless you pinch it back into shape and hold it in place while filling up your water receptacle.Overall, we're happy with the look of the product, but the design flaws need a few tweaks.
- April 21, 2012
Watch out - they're gonna take away my right-wing Republican card - you know, because we are all against the environment! ;)We love our rain barrel! This barrel is beautiful, looks like clay, but is durable plastic. We haven't planted anything in it yet because we just bought it in October and it's not the best time of year in Kansas for planting flowers! However, I cannot believe how quickly it filled up with one little rain. I attached a soaker hose to it and ran it through our new landscaping. Once I opened the valve, woosh, a lovely FREE watering occurred. We will definitely buy another one or two of these as we progress on our outdoor space projects.My only wish is that we could somehow rotate the top where the planter is. Based on the corner of the house we are using this, we have to install it "backwards" to keep the valve nearest the landscaping which uses this water. If we could rotate the top surface somehow so that the planter could still be at the front and the opening for the gutter at the back WHILE being able to point the valve in the necessary direction, I would love it even more.Also, we put this on a rolling plant stand so that it could be moved as needed AND so that it would not ruin the surface of our new deck.
- November 6, 2013
This is an excellent product for which I have 2 recommendations. 1) You must elevate the barrel, get some nice stone to put it on or plan for it to be on a higher surface than what you plan to water with the contents. 2) Do not put the hose on as instructed. It leaks. Flip it around so the open/close valve is the part you are attaching to the barrel itself. Its just as easy to flip it on/off there and you won't have a constant leak from the connection point.
- February 19, 2013
This product is a replica of a more expensive version and the truth is, you get what you pay for...even though ~$75 per planter is not exactly "cheap". I thought the two-pack was a great idea and saved a bit of money compared to buying the real deal at a high-end retailer. Now I have to go through the expense of returning the product and then waiting for the proper planters to arrive, of course spending more money than I would've if I had just purchased the pricier version to begin with. These are lesser-to-similar quality that you would find in your average big box store. Very flimsy and super light weight. Shipped horribly in the thinnest cardboard possible. Every corner of the box was tattered, exposing both planters and ending up with scratches and scrapes on each one. Perhaps if I didn't already own a planter from the pricier collection, I wouldn't know the difference, but I do, and side by side, these just do not compare at all.
- April 20, 2017
Searched multiple sites to find planters that would be the perfect accent for our front porch. Settled on these after reading other reviews, and couldn't be happier with how they turned out.
- April 15, 2017
These are the BEST price on the market. I shopped for 2 months looking at similar height and shape. They look great, have good weight to them and they are tall/wide enough to give my double front doors stately presence. Waiting on my cedar topiarys to arrive to place in them.
- April 13, 2016
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