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Last Word is a race to have the final say! Each round, blurt out answers while racing a timer and the other players. For example, Subject: “Snack Foods,” Letter: “P.” Players yell out, “Potato Chips!” Peanuts!” “Popcorn!” The player with the Last Word before the timer sounds advances toward the finish. Recommended for 2 to 8 players, ages 14+. Contents include a game board, 8 pawns, 230 subject cards, 56 letter cards and an electronic randomized timer. (Batteries not included.)
This game tests your vocabulary and creative thinking as you try to conjure up words that start with a certain letter in a designated category. For instance, if you get something like, “Things you throw,” you could say, “Tantrums” if the letter is T for that round.The buzzer sounds to end the turn, sometimes after just a few seconds. The random factor adds to the intensity, though I do wish you could adjust it to short, medium, and long intervals based on how you want to play. Even though the game doesn’t provide any dirty categories, save for a few involving alcohol (like “Cocktails”), the buzzer goes too fast for little ones with limited vocabularies. Heck, sometimes my family of adults can only come up with one word before the buzzer sounds. I should also point out that it’s VERY easy to accidentally leave the buzzer turned on after packing it away, in which case you’ll end up wasting the AAA batteries inside it. Then you have to uncover them using a Phillips screwdriver.Due to how short buzzer intervals are, I’d recommend not using the “Hot Potato” rule. With this rule, certain letter cards force people to go one-by-one in a circle when calling out answers. Getting enough answers among everyone to actually go in a full circle around all the players is just about impossible, so it’s not really to your advantage to give the first answer in a Hot Potato round. My family just treats Hot Potato letter cards as normal cards.Still, this game is a fun challenge as you try to conjure up fitting words as quickly as you can. It can also provide some laughs. For instance, in my family, the category was “Cleaning Supplies” and the letter was “W,” so my dad called out, “Wives!” That turned out interesting. If you’re in the mood for some sharp, quick thinking and some laughs, this game can meet your need.
- May 20, 2015
Funny funny game. Great with for 4 people or great with large groups! We had up to 30 people playing at a gathering. People joined teams and it was a shouting match of crazy! So much fun!!
- September 20, 2016
Fun family table game. Good for teens, too advanced for younger kids. Try to advance around the board by giving answers to a word clue (ie. types of vegatables, or car names, etc) that all begin with a predetermined letter that is selected from a role of the dice. I like the interaction because it forces my teens to expand their vocabulary and think fast. When timer starts people yell out answers, last answer given before random timer goes off wins the round and moves one space. Can get loud, but not as bad as I thought as people run out of answers quickly. Timer is random and short so rounds go fast. New topic and new letter each round. Gave 4 stars because timer is not quite loud enough to be heard easily over the shouts. (have to hold to my ear if action gets too roudy). My kids didn't like games till I got this one and several others. It is lots of fun and recommended. Good adult mixer too.
- October 1, 2010
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