8/Pack Valley Industries 34-140026-Csk Tee Nozzle Body Kit – Reviews & Compare Deals

8/Pack Valley Industries 34-140026-Csk Tee Nozzle Body Kit – Reviews & Compare Deals
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A lot of movies for a great price, but as other reviewers have noted, do not expect more than is suspected. These are stinkers - some worse than others. The best of the bunch is Land of the Minotaur, only because it actually has two great actors - Peter Cushing and Donald Pleasance. They are the only thing worth watching, other than some stone loungers of death and a woman driving a van with Australia plastered on it. They are in Greece. Go figure. Raymond Burr and Lon Chaney must have really needed money for their effort. And the worst of the bunch is The Creeping Terror. Oh man, if they have a course in bad movies, this would be the featured film. A plantman attached to a tent-like catapillar body that it slowly drags. It growls. It eats scantily clad girls and moms hanging clothes to dry. And then it crashes a club of grooving, groping teens - and does The Twist with them. It is so bad that you will either laugh at it, or curse yourself for the hour you can never get back. No bucket of popcorn will save you. But again, great price for a look back at primitive movie-making and scripts and acting that sucks. And oh, the music is just as bad. Enjoy!
- July 26, 2017
Very disappointed in the HORRIBLE print quality of these films. Crater Lake Monster is the lone exception. Bad prints and 240p transfer = really lousy picture. If you are just looking for some cheap video wallpaper while you knit or take care of your 16 cats, this may work for you, but if you plan on actually watching the movies, it's frankly painful the quality is so bad. Case and packaging are cheap too. Find some other cheesy compilations and skip this one.
- March 22, 2015
These are ok. The best movies in this collection are Gammera, The Wasp Woman, The Crater Lake Monster, Bride of the Gorilla and Snowbeast. Snowbeast is by far the best. I was pleasantly surprised to see it on here. The other movies are good for background noise in the house, but in my opinion, not for watching over and over again.
- February 23, 2016
Prior to becoming lactose intolerant, I used to consume this a lot. Safe to say, if I decide to consume this once a week with the proper amount of lactase pills, it would not expire. When I did buy this, the packaging would always very durable and quality was always consistent. I am writing this review years after the fact and it makes me reminisce my past when I didn't have to worry about stupid things like taxes, job searching, existentialism and digestive issues 🙁 .
- January 17, 2018
I pack this into my son's lunch boxes daily. I like it that it needs no refrigeration.My local grocery is always out of the strawberry one, and that's the flavor my son enjoys. So Amazon Subscribe and Save to the rescue.The price is comparable and sometimes even cheaper than my local grocery store. I also like it that I can get a big package and not worry about anything about picking it up at the local store. One less thing for a busy working mom to think about.
- January 16, 2018
I just buy it less than 20days, but one of them is go bad,the milk is solid even the package recommend to drink it before Oct.2018,but it's Feb now and still have 8 month,I have no idea why it's go bad now. My kid sip a little and doesn't want to sip anymore, I open it to check, surprisingly find that it can't be poured out, the milk shape is solid and sour.I throw all of them away and will not buy them anymore.
- February 23, 2018

8/Pack Valley Industries 34-140026-Csk Tee Nozzle Body Kit, Valley Industries

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