Watering Can Songbird Porch Large Flag – Reviews & Compare Deals

Watering Can Songbird Porch Large Flag – Reviews & Compare Deals
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The Songbirds Porch spring house flag is from Custom Decor so you know it's printed in the USA.  Measures 28" x 40". This silkscreen spring house flag is printed on weather treated polyester fabric so it is long lasting in your garden beds.  The fabric used to manufacture this spring house flag is both mildew and fade resistant... durable yet breeze-friendly for a perfect flag display in your garden!  This spring house flag is new to our stock and sure to be popular year-round... better grab your spring house flag today! Flag pole sold separately.

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This yard flag is really beautiful. I am so looking forward to displaying it in my yard once the temperature gets above freezing!!
Mikeywoowoo - January 24, 2014
We've has it out all summer and its still in great shape. Hasn't ripped or torn even in our breezy location.
Debbie K - August 30, 2013
I only have been using it for 1 week now but it has been a freezing week here in Michigan. For comparison's sake I'm posting a picture of it having liquid water next to a container containing frozen water. Yes, this product does what it says.By the way, although this device doesn't consume much electricity, here is a tip to avoid wasting electricity when no birds will be drinking water from it (e.g. at night): install a timer between this product and the extension cord you are using so the product is only turned on during the day. Yes, I know the water will freeze overnight... but guess what?!! This product will actually defrost the formed ice inside and it will become water again in like 30 minutes or so after the timer turns the power on again.Hope it will last for years to come. I'll post an update within a year or so from now (or earlier if it quits working on me).
Leonardo Souza - March 3, 2016
I love my new bird bath! I attached It to my deck railing myself using the enclosed clamp - it was so easy! The bird bath just sits on the metal rim, so it lifts off for easy filling and cleaning. I like the idea of the heating element so the birds can use it when it's below freezing. If you're looking for a reasonably priced, sturdy bird bath, this is it!!!
Suzanne Aleman - May 23, 2016
I replaced an old heated bird bath with this one. It was so much easier to install than my old one. At first, the birds were a little shy, but just like birds, they love it now. Easy to empty, easy to clean. Holds plenty of water and never freezes over.
Lynn E. - February 21, 2016

Watering Can Songbird Porch Large Flag, Custom Decor

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