heavy Duty Hose premium garden & Commercial Flexible 3 ply nylon reinforced Hose 5/8 x 50 feet faw34 – Reviews & Compare Deals

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Works well, does retract, making putting up the hose a snap. Comes with hose holder and spray nozzle
S. Wheeler - August 1, 2016
Bought this hose back in January and it just popped like a balloon. I see other people have had the exact same problem. Clearly not a good product and most certainly not "super duty". I was just watering the plants with minimal water pressure. Very frustrating. Tried contacting the seller for the warranty information. Hopefully I will hear back from them but what good is another hose if it's the same poor quality? They'd have the send me a new hose every 8 to 9 months.
Marmom - September 27, 2017
Only had it for 3 months, used it probably 20 times and now its leaking and wont build up pressure..... it's nice but not durable.It was also always stored in the garage, never out in the sun.
Kevin - September 30, 2018
I bought this hose mainly because of the promise that it would remain pliable at low temperatures. I wasn't worried about kinking. I kind of expect a hose to do that so I just unroll it so that it doesn't. It rarely gets below freezing where I live but does get below the "pliability temperature" of hoses sold in big box stores and I sometimes need to use a hose then. This hose does remain pliable into the 40's and 30's F. So I am very happy with it. I live in a salty environment so the only question is how it will hold up over time.
subtropical_ken - March 27, 2017
Very impressed with this hose. I've heard that a rubber hose is the best you can get and after using this baby today I think that's got to be true. It felt very solid and the nickel coated brass ends were nicely finished. I did have some black residue on my hands after first use but it has dissipated. Grab one -- you won't be sorry.
bl@ster - May 14, 2016
This hose is awesome. Very heavy duty. We have to drag a hose at least 100 feet and this one is amazing as even if it kinks along the way. A slight tug will actually un-kink it. In the past hoses would only last a few weeks, We're going on two months of daily use and dragging of this hose. Highly recommend.
Kindle Customer - July 13, 2016
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