Haws V111 Replacement Rose Set for V100 – Reviews & Compare Deals

Haws V111 Replacement Rose Set for V100 – Reviews & Compare Deals
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<li>Genuine Haws replacement rose and downspout set for the Conservatory Outdoor Watering Can.<li>Many designs available match your personal style. <li>Huge selection to choose from. <li>High quality components.<li>Satisfaction ensured. <li>Ready to ship at your convenience.<li>Designed to suit any budget.

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The rose is round rather than the original oblong, but works great. I leave the watering can out in the sun and after a few years (2-3) the plastic cracks on the rose or the spout. I was really happy to be able to replace them without resorting to duct tape etc.
Trisha in SD - January 7, 2013
I have had a plastic Haws 1.5 gallon can for well over a decade now. The can is fine, and only recently did the brass rose fail. The brass plate came out of the groove that holds it and I just couldn't pop it back in.I was relieved to see this set available since I didn't want to replace the can outright, although the price with shipping seemed a little steep. I'd lost the small angle spout years ago, and although I'd never really used it much I liked the idea of having both pieces again. Both parts fit great, both on the spout and on the little "parking posts" that allow you to attach them out of the way on the can for attachment-free watering, but I'm sorry to say that the quality of the rose is nothing like that of the original. The brass is flimsy and bendable, which I discovered after dropping the can with the new rose on it about a month after receiving it. The brass on the rose got jostled out of place just like the one that took over a decade to break, and when I went to try and pop it back into its groove, the metal bent very, very easily, with only a little more resistance than one of those old foil ashtrays they used to keep on the tables at fast food restaurants (she says showing her age). I got it *mostly* back in place but the rose now does not water quite as evenly as it did brand new.While this is a functional replacement, it is absolutely not worth as much as they are charging for it. If the new Haws cans are being shipped with these attachments, I suspect the owners will not adore their watering cans as much as I've loved mine.
charwoman - November 5, 2014
I consider the Haws watering cans to be the premium watering cans for a gardener. These two parts are probably the most important elements of this quality. The right angle nozzle will let you put the water exactly where you want it, like just over the edge of a small pot, and will slow down the flow so that soil won't be washed away. The rose nozzle lets you put out a wider but very gentle pattern which is unique. Unfortunately, these parts will be lost, broken or get loose at the attachment long before the life of the can which for me is going on 15 years. Having these replacement parts available saves a lot of money over replacing the can. Unfortunately, these parts aren't available on Prime so the shipping used up a lot of the saving.
rms - June 22, 2014
I Stepped on my last one... was impossible to fix. Thank goodness they sell this replacement part as I really love Haws products as it delivers water quickly but really gently, which i need in cases such as bonsai since too much water delivered aggressively will wash out the potting medium! Will definitely buy again if I happen to step on this new one... which I probably will...
Ryan Finkbiner - May 24, 2018

Haws V111 Replacement Rose Set for V100, Haws

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